Montana Karting Association

Sprint Karting

Designed for the participants, classes are divided by the competitors age, experience, kart type and overall weight. This keeps each class on the same pace and skill level, making for enjoyable competitive action. Driving on sprint tracks demands quick reactions, full concentration, endurance and focus. Drivers often challenge each other wheel to wheel and nose to tail, lap after lap. There are two types of engine classes, 2-cycle and 4-stroke. The motors vary in sizes from 50cc to 125cc and performance speeds.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our race day on Saturday, September 14th.  We had a very full field of karts and very exciting races all day long.  A big congrats to the top finishers from the main event race.  1st Place James Rowen, 2nd Place Rick Mackin and 3rd Place Ted Lewis. 

Very exciting nose to tail kart races in Helena on Saturday, August 24th at top speeds of about 70 mph. Congrats to the top finishers in our main event race! 1st place Travis Ballenger, 2nd place Ted Lewis and 3rd place Donovan Schmidt. Thank you to everyone that raced and came to watch. We hope to see you at our next race on Saturday, September 14th.

We had exciting races on Saturday!  Congrats to the top finishers in the main event on Saturday, August 10th. 
1st place- Travis Ballenger, 2nd place- Ted Lewis and
3rd place- James Rowen.

How Do I Get Started?
Come out and visit us on a race day.  Spectating is a great way to see what's going on. Many of our MKA members also drive with the Montana SCCA clubs in their SOLO Time Trial format. The pit areas at an event are open for you to view our karts and ask questions. MKA will be hosting our 2019 Track Season at The Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center - Road Course in Helena, MT.  Come out and talk to the MKA members!

Most drivers start with used equipment while they learn about karting.  There are specific karts you'll need to fit into Kart Class formats  and insurance coverage. IF YOUR INTERESTED, PLEASE TALK TO US BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A KART, WE CAN SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME AND TROUBLE. 
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